Nevada Wireless Association

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Nevada Wireless Association

A forum for the cultivation of relationships between wireless telecommunications professionals and to create a unified platform for issues relating to our industry.

The Wireless Industry

We are a nonprofit association of professionals bringing together our collective experience to provide a unified voice to local trends within the communications industry.

About Us:

Our mission is to raise awareness regarding the benefits of wireless communications while educating both the public and officials of the issues related to the communications industry.

Wireless Technology and Services within Nevada

Emerging technologies and the advancement of communications plays a vital role in our community. is helping build relationships within our industry and helping leaders and the general public become more aware of the relevant issues.

2016 Holiday Party

Wireless West Conference 2016

This was such an amazing event and we are glad to have been part of it!

St. Jude's Ranch for Children:

NevWA provided a nice donation to St. Jude's Ranch for Children from the 2015 Golf Tournament Proceeds.

Big Brother Big Sisters:

NevWA's amazing donation to Big Brothers Big Sisters from the 2014 Golf Tournament Proceeds.

NevWA Golf Tournament Photos

We appreciate everyone that came out for this great event! The NevWA Golf Tournament Photos are posted here.